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SEO - Search Engine Optimised

What makes a website SEO – Search Engine Optimised? Basically it’s a website that is built using Google SEO best practices. The basics of it is quite simple – Yes Really! – For example – Imagine you are Google and someone searches for a “plumper to repair a leaky tap in Albury” You wouldn’t return results about a “used Car yards in Timbuktu” would you? If you did send them to Timbuktu you wouldn’t be a popular search engine for long. The Search engines want to give the best service by supplying the best search results.

Search engines need to know what the Billion websites on the internet are about. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines send out millions of little ‘spiders’ to crawl the internet and gather all sorts of information like the title, content and pictures of all the websites. These spiders need some help to get all that goodness. 1st they need to know your website exists and they need to know how to crawl around your website to gather all that usefull information.  Having a website built with this in mind is a great start. If you can help the search engines they will help you back. This is just the very basics. Then there’s Key Words, Meta Tags, URL permalinks, Image optimisation and more. We do all this at extremely affordable rates for our clients.

The 2nd thing we do is to tell the search engines that your website exists and to send their spiders to visit your new website. There are a few ways of doing this and with the WordPress platform we use to build your websites on, it’s done for us auto-magically. An invite to the top search engines is sent when the website is built and also when the website is updated. Fresh content is a huge benefit when it comes to keeping hold of that hard eared top position.

Your SEO website will need good quality content, not the constant repeated words that you think people will search for. That’s getting towards a trashy website and we all hate those, and guess who else hates that? Top search engines. You see, search engines are quite smart in recognising trashy spammy websites and they know their users don’t want those websites in the top of search results.

Your website will need to tell the spiders how to crawl around your website. This is done by giving the spiders a detailed map of all the pages on your website. The spiders read the map, go to the appropriate pages and gather the good stuff. Without a map these poor spiders will stumble around trying to do their best and sometimes they may trip over and not bother to gather information until some other time. Make it easy for the search engine spiders to gather the information and that’s another nice point for your website to begin ranking on the top of search results.

Website results on Search Engines

How long does it take for Albury Wodonga SEO Websites to show in Google?

For a website to show up in Google or other quality search engines will depend on many variables. If it’s a new website it could take about 3 months. If your website is already established and its not ranking as nicely as you hoped for, it might have some penalties imposed on it by Google. If you fall into this category we’d recommend trying to fix it up with your current web designer. Google has gotten smarter over the years and if your web dev had tried to play tricks, your site might have been caught out. We’re not hear to trash any local web devs, so let’s give them a fair go 1st. If you have no luck getting your website ranking as well as it should, please contact us for further options.

Results take time

Will a fast loading website be better for ranking highly on search results?

If your website is slow to load because it’s hosted somewhere off shore on a cheap and nasty hosting provider, guess what Google is going to think? Yeah, we all hate waiting for websites to load and Google knows that too. Google also uses the Hosting IP address as a reference to location. If your website is hosted in the USA and your primary business customers are in Australia you may want to reconsider the extra few dollars it will cost to have your local business website hosted in Australia. We use some of the best website hosting companies in Australia. The extra few dollars it costs to have a website hosted locally on Fast and Secure Australian servers is well worth the cost.

SPEED Helps Ranking

Do mobile compatible SEO Websites rank better?

A Mobile Responsive website will adjust itself to fit the screen size of the visitors device. If you didn’t know, late in 2014 Mobile devices surpassed desktop users on the internet. Google obviously wants to give their users the best web experience, if the best experience is to view a mobile compatible website then need we say more. All the websites we have built are mobile responsive and SEO optimised.

Mobile Websites

fake guarantees for more traffic and 1st position in Google.

From our own experiences these emails are pure and simple misleading. If you get any of these email please tread carefully. We have seen some local businesses spend thousands of dollars with no gains. Let’s cut to the chase – Nobody can Guarantee you a position of being number 1 on Google except Google themselves (and Google don’t make such promises)

Honest work for seo results

Do I need to put my business website on Google?

YES! You need to have your business listed on Google My Business. If you want to do your own SEO work that’s great! We do encourage it. As you have most likely noted, SEO optimisation is reasonably straight forward but it does take a lot of work and it can be confusing for the average Joe or Jane.
Don’t forget we are able to help and with our great rates, it might not be worth the confusion for you to tackle it yourself. Now if you do none of the already mentioned, do yourself a massive favour and list your business on ‘Google My Business’. It’s free and the results should be promising.

If you’re still with us and made reading down this far – thank you – Are you still craving for more SEO? Take a look at the SEO Table provided by Search Engine Land. as it will surly fill anyone’s SEO appetite… Or simply contact us any time.

Summary: Search Engine Optimisation is reasonably straight forward when following Googles advice, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t get conned with unrealistic promises. A quality website built on the WordPress platform, hosted in Australia and has good content is a great start for your business to rank high in search results.

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