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Websites developed fast and reliable, right here in Albury Wodonga by a talented web geek who drinks coffee and eats code for breakfast.

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Web development to make your website work hard and function like you need it to.

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"We were recommended Pete to fix our website reliability and usability. Being local also helped us and we haven’t looked back."
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Website Development

Web dev is usally refered to as the non visual aspect of a website. It’s the functionality, the website does something such as send you an email from a form or show your business on a Google Map section.

Websites that Function

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Its Not Magic

Don’t let terms like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL AJAX and many others confuse you. We’re here to look after all that geeky, coffee consuming stuff.

Smart Web Solutions

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Efficient Web Development

Just as Website Design has evolved so has writing code for web development. Any small business operating in the Albury Wodonga region needing web developer can contact us and we’ll help get their website working right with no overly complicated terms. Find out exactly how fast and efficiently we work.

We no longer live in the dark ages where web developers spent days and nights writing code just to get a website to carry out a simple function (such as a contact form) Those days are diminishing  just as designing websites has evolved, so has web development. Today there are pre-written modules (plugins) that work so well a web developer does not need to spend so much time in writing custom code. Using a pre coded plugin saves a lot of time and Saving time means saving money for you, and lots of headaches for the web developer.

All smart web developers are using pre-written Plugins. Just as Web Design Studios have created Themes for websites which have made Web Design so much more efficient and affordable, Plugins are doing the same for web developing.

Special teams of professional developers have pre-written code for all sorts of web functions. Since we use WordPress as our website platform of choice, there are thousands of plugins already written and ready to be used. Using these plugins equates to countless amount of hours and days saved in developing a website and that for both of us is a big money saver. You won’t have to hire us for anywhere near as long and for us, we drink that little bit less coffee. Your savings can be used to add more features on your website, advertising your website, or to celebrate (with us).

For example, lets say you would like your website to have a Contact form, where a visitor to your website can simply fill in there name, email, and a message. They press a send button and your website will email you that information. Well, there are virtually hundreds of ways of hand code this feature, but with the way technology is evolving and changing, a Contact Form Plugin can be used in your website that has been built on the WordPress platform. That’s fast, efficient and extremely affordable.

The best Plugins have been thoroughly tested by their developers and are kept updated. We have a good list of favourite plugins we use on a regular bases and only use reputable Plugin Developers that provide excellent support and their plugins are coded beautifully.


Summary: The days of writing code for hours or days on end just to get a simple function to preform on a website are diminishing. Website plugins are the new efficient proven method that help everyone save time and money.

Smart Developed Websites

Feature Rich Functional Websites

Website Stats

Website Stats from your Google analytics or our own. Run multiple promotions over a couple of months and see which one preformed best.

Worldwide Presence

Get listed on Google Maps and be found on search engines. Provide your business a potential world wide exposure.

Effeciant Code

We only use what is needed to make your website serve the visitors quickly and without fuss. Compatibility across the major internet browsers.

Mobile Responsive

Websites that shuffles themselves to fix the mobile device screen size. No more Pinching and Zooming to read what's on the webpage.

Contact Form

Give your visitors the ability to contact you quick and easily by filling in a from on your website. The completed online form gets emailed to you.

Editing Interface

Like to make some edits yourself. We can arrange that with an easy to use editor interface so you can make updates quickly and easily.

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It has never been easier to get your websites build and managed locally