Using a website to gain value from advertising



Are you getting great value out of your Advertising campaigns?

Website Value Adding

You need to get the word out about your business (an obvious fact, I know) so you advertise in local newspapers, radio, and TV. They are arguably some of the biggest mediums through which to advertise your business, they have been for many years, and they’ll continue to be a major sector with small businesses advertising strategies.


However, the cost of advertising using the “Big Three,” newspapers, radio, and TV, is all relative to the amount of space and time your ad runs for. The larger and the longer your ad runs for, the more it costs!

One possible method is to have your business website advertised through these powerful media advertising sectors.
For instance, instead of taking out a large ad in the newspaper, crammed to the brim with all your products and services, why not run a smaller ad that features your website as the primary bit of information? Or maybe run two, even smaller ads, in different newspapers?

Radio and TV adverts, on the other hand, could be made to run for half the time, so instead of buying a 30 second spot with a voice over ‘speed talking’ at 100mph (which is more likely to cause a listener a disturbance), buy instead a less expensive 15 second spot, using your website as the primary bit of information. Listeners and readers who are interested in what they’ve just read or seen will come to your website, and in doing so will find out everything about your business’s products and services at no extra cost to you.


Ask yourself this.

Excluding when you bought your 1st car from the classifieds.  When was the last time you saw an advert and wrote down the phone number from it?

If you’re the average person out there and very much like us, that answer is most likely…  drum roll please…never!
So then, if you see an ad for a special item or service from a business, how do you find more information about what you just saw? Do you look up that business on Google for their contact details, information, and their webpage? The answer is a resounding yes, and we all do just that. In fact, we do it a lot more than looking up a business or service from the Yellow Pages.
Why? Because it’s so much easier and convenient!


Try it.

You know us as ChookChook, and we’re local to the Albury Wodonga region.
Now type ChookChook Albury Wodonga into Google and there you have it. In just a couple of seconds you’ve gotten all the information you could ever possibly need about us, it’s just that easy.

That’ so true, you think?

Need a website? Talk to us for fast, honest, and reliable local service. We’re local to Albury Wodonga, and we come to your premises! We can do the exact same thing for your business…

Together, we can build an awesome, business website that will have clientele coming to you!