One great idea to advertise your business before it opens.


Are you a New Business in Albury Wodonga?

So, you’re in the process of building up your new business. Within the last few months you spent your allocated budget and maybe even then some, but you’re so proud of the final result, it doesn’t really matter to you. It’s going to be awesome, you know it. Perhaps you were a bit surprised at the cost of having a web presence and the funds needed to continue hosting an amazing website that will reflect your remarkable business. Your business is unique, and you just know the website is going to be awesome!

Albury Wodonga Business online marketing

Opening day comes around fast, and it’s over faster than that. What happened?
You expected people to come in droves, but only a couple of friends visited your business. Not even a rotten hacker viewed your website, let alone a unique visitor to it. What’s happened? Did you do something wrong? No doubt you’re feeling ripped off and you’re looking for somewhere to point the finger. Obviously, there is someone other than you to blame!

Well, not long ago that finger was pointed at me. Explanations didn’t go down well. The clients were blinded by their unrealistic expectation and lack of research or questions.

The truthful reason why opening day was such a flop was because there was absolutely no launch strategy in place – sounds like a simple plan that could have easily been put in place, right? Well, yes –it could have.

Now, I’m no business planning expert but I do know that “Build it and they will come” isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Building a business is one thing, getting people to know you even exist is another. And both need to connect to make opening day a success. This is where having an opening day strategy plan is important. A flashy new building in the middle of the street may look interesting and gain some exposure from passing traffic, but the point is people still don’t know what you do.

Before you plan your business opening day yourself, seek advice from a business planer such as the BEC. However, a really easy and relatively cost efficient step you can implement is to have a huge banner secured on your newly constructed building and another on your daily motor vehicle with “Opening Soon” and your web site address in a bright colour. That’s near free advertising! Who’s not interested in a new, fresh business that’s Opening Soon in or around Albury Wodonga? People will see the banner and visit your website to find out what all the excitement is about.

Website not fully functional? I don’t recommend a website with so little information on it that people will shrug their shoulders and move on. Hey! isn’t there a huge banner on your building and on your motor vehicle? So why not have one on your website? Before you say that’s just giving people a run-around and they’ll still shrug their shoulders and never come back! please consider this…

opening soon website

A Banner on your website with an exciting paragraph or two telling visitors what your business will provide and with an option for visitors to be notified via email when you open is really a great idea. Visitors to your website will now have something to be excited about. You could email them a discount coupon code if they sign up to be notified of opening day. Not only will they be enticed to enter their email that you would use for further promotions, they will visit your business, waving their discount coupon code at your front door on opening day.

Take these tips into consideration and hopefully opening day for you will be a huge success!


Summery: You don’t need a fully fledged website to gain peoples interest at first. An “Opening Soon” banner works on your business front door and it’ll work on your website too.