Yuk PopUps

Don’t like website popups? Neither do we.

  A website that shows a popup soon after the page has loaded will suffer in ranking over the websites that don’t have popups. Google strives to give its users the best possible experience and it’s a well-known fact popups are not seen kindly by visitors to a websites. Google knows this and is going Read more about Don’t like website popups? Neither do we.[…]

Online Review Star

Getting the Best Online Reviews

  Have you ever made a decision to purchase an item, or use a service based on positive reviews from an online review website? More and more consumers rely on online reviews, based on fellow consumer’s experiences, in order to make their buying decisions. Large and small businesses rely on reviews to help build their Read more about Getting the Best Online Reviews[…]

SEO Table List

Google Periodic Table Of SEO for 2015

Albury Wodonga SEO A business in Albury Wodonga trying to get a website designed and Search Engine Optimised for ranking on the front page of Google needs to know it takes a lot of work and time. Did you ever wonder if there was a secret formula to show what SEO work gets priority over Read more about Google Periodic Table Of SEO for 2015[…]

Opening Soon marketing featured

One great idea to advertise your business before it opens.

  Are you a New Business in Albury Wodonga? So, you’re in the process of building up your new business. Within the last few months you spent your allocated budget and maybe even then some, but you’re so proud of the final result, it doesn’t really matter to you. It’s going to be awesome, you Read more about One great idea to advertise your business before it opens.[…]

Google News and Updates

Google News – Mobile-friendly search results.

  Google has notified webmasters! “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are Read more about Google News – Mobile-friendly search results.[…]

Get the best value

Using a website to gain value from advertising

    Are you getting great value out of your Advertising campaigns? You need to get the word out about your business (an obvious fact, I know) so you advertise in local newspapers, radio, and TV. They are arguably some of the biggest mediums through which to advertise your business, they have been for many Read more about Using a website to gain value from advertising[…]

Social Media Featured Logos

Social Media – Is it really worth it?

    Have you heard of this Crazy web service called Social Media? Surly you have. At the very least you’ve heard of Facebook – right?     But before you go diving into Social Media and spending huge amounts of time and resources, we highly recommend you watch these videos:       Our Read more about Social Media – Is it really worth it?[…]

Albury Wodonga Business on the Web

Why Small Businesses Must Have a Website

  Yes, it’s a Must have! Albury Wodonga Businesses must have a website. I cannot possibly emphasize the word “must” enough. If you operate a small local business, you simply must have a website. Not “should have” or “need to” but must. These words and phrases essentially mean the same thing, except that the “m” Read more about Why Small Businesses Must Have a Website[…]

WordPress Featured logo

WordPress – the web platform of choice

    There’s been a few times we get asked why we chose to use WordPress as our web platform. Simple, there’s no better web platform we would trust and put our reputation on. WordPress started off as purely a blogging platform back in the early days. It was easy for bloggers to use. It Read more about WordPress – the web platform of choice[…]