Simple Steps to get your own Google MAPS API Key

Google has recently made it mandatory for users of embedded Google Maps to use an API.
More information can be found here on Google Developers Page.

In this post I’ll won’t go into detail why Google has made this change, instead I’ll just give you the Simple steps to get your own Google MAP API so your maps will begin to work again.



1. With your own Google Account credentials (your gmail and password),
Log into

if you need to manage your API keys,
Log into



2. Click on GET A KEY

Get a API Key



3. Give your Project a Name, and then click on Next

Name the API Project



4. Wait while Google Builds your project…



5. From the Drop down, Select Your Project and Click Next

Select or create project



6. Wait for Google to generate the API Key



7.You’re all set, Copy your API key and keep it in a safe place

Youre all set


8. If you need to improve your API security, click on the API Console option.




That’s it!
Use your Google Maps API Key in your Google Maps plugins, WordPress Themes, or give it to your trusted web developer.  Don’t have a Trusted Website Developer? If you are located in the Albury/Wodonga area (Australia) then contact us today. Always happy to help.