WordPress – the web platform of choice



There’s been a few times we get asked why we chose to use WordPress as our web platform. Simple, there’s no better web platform we would trust and put our reputation on.

WordPress Web Platform

WordPress started off as purely a blogging platform back in the early days. It was easy for bloggers to use. It has an easy to use interface where the blogger can write their content and published it in a click of a button. Over the years WordPress has matured (and it’s still evolving) to become the web platform or choice for many top website developers all over the world. It’s reasonably easy to use, there are countless plugins and themes for it and the support community is just out of this world. No we aren’t martians just geeks that understand web technology.

WordPress is the largest website platform used by top web developers for all types of websites, from personal blog websites, to small businesses websites, and large corporations. Over 23% of the top worldwide websites are WordPress based. So it’s reasonably to say there’s no better web platform to use.

Right off the bat, WordPress is SEO (Search Engine Optimised) so Google won’t have too much of a hard time knowing what your website is about. The SEO component can be upgraded to further enhance it as can many other functions WordPress offers. Need a Contact Us form? Easily done and in a matter of a few minutes we’ll have it configured.

The back-end (what visitors don’t see) or if you like, the Administration side of WordPress is well laid out and intuitive to navigate around. Meaning an Admin doesn’t waste time figuring out how to implement a change or an update. Time saved is money saved!

Security is WordPress strong points. It needs to be. Because WordPress is the largest web platform used, it is the biggest target for hackers. But that’s not to be a major concern because all our WordPress websites have tight security installed, configured and activated. We also run an excellent backup plan. So in the very unlikelihood a website is compromised, we‘re able to get it back quickly. To date none of our Websites have been compromised.

We like WordPress for all the mentioned reasons and more. It really is our website platform of choice.

If you are a local Albury Wodonga business owner and after a website no matter what size, we are able to build one with WordPress fast and extremely cost effective.
You can have Admin access to update your website or we can fully manage your website, leaving you to do what you do best – run your business.

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