Why Small Businesses Must Have a Website


Yes, it’s a Must have! Albury Wodonga Businesses must have a website.

Albury Wodonga Business on the internet

I cannot possibly emphasize the word “must” enough. If you operate a small local business, you simply must have a website. Not “should have” or “need to” but must. These words and phrases essentially mean the same thing, except that the “m” word is the only one that implies what’s being discussed is, in fact, essential! But why am I using such an authoritative word when discussing something as “minor” as a website? Honestly, because I care about the growth and success of the local businesses in and around Albury Wodonga, and one of the most critical aspects of your business is having a web presence. Especially in todays stone age. You see, it’s actually not so minor.. Don’t let the big franchises and huge discount “ha” warehouse off shore profiting companies beat you silly. Level the playing field.

Whether you’ve owned your own shop for years, or are just starting out, it’s easy to become so involved with the nuts and bolts of your operation. You either convinced yourself that you don’t have the time or money to mess with a website, or simply just keep putting it off, leaving your space in the vastness of the internet sitting empty.

One of the most common reasons why small businesses choose not to have a website actually lies within the first three letters of a website itself: World Wide Web. “Why,” they ask themselves, “would a car repair shop that serves a small community need to be on the internet?” This is actually a very good question to ask yourself, as it does seem like a logical one, right?
Where is the need for people living in the likes of Sweden, or Morocco the need to read about “My Car Repairs” that’s located in Albury Wodonga? I get where your head’s at, mate, trust me on that one. But as you’ll see in the next few paragraphs, there are significant local advantages to not only having a website, but also having it built by local web professionals. And, whilst the Swedish, the Moroccans, and even an American or two will eventually stumble across your webpage, having one that is carefully thought out and which caters to your local community can lead to levels of success that you had previously thought unimaginable.


Many small companies fall into one of the categories mentioned, so if this is you, you’re most certainly not alone. We would be delighted in having an opportunity to discuss how we can help you get a functional website that not only helps your visitors find you but help with your brand being noticed.


The Internet is Everywhere…Literally
Today, our society is more connected than ever, and that connection only increases in strength with every passing minute. Not only is internet access cheap, and in some places such as some coffee shops it may even be free, but the mediums in which we get our essential internet are also becoming increasingly less expensive. Even the lowliest of smart phones have internet, meaning that all sorts of people use it daily. So, let’s look at it from a business standpoint.

One of the most frequent reasons I hear as to why a certain small business doesn’t feel the need to have a website is: My business doesn’t sell things on the internet. They reason that if they don’t participate in direct eCommerce, then there is no real benefits to having website because there’s no way of profiting from it. My response: False, false, faaallllsssee! Even if you don’t sell goods or services online, there is one thing that having a website does sell: Your business, your brand, your image, and your reputation. Even in the smallest of communities, people still rely heavily on the internet when searching for this thing or that thing, so the more they run across your business online, the better. Look at your website like another form of advertising, except that it’s much more efficient and costs far less than traditional methods. Plus, your website will be available 24/7 365 days a year for clients to find you. Now think about the people who are moving in to Albury Wodonga. The first thing they’ll do, even before calling the movers, is get online and see what all their new home has to offer, from restaurants to florists, and auto repair shops to lawn services.

So, if you don’t sell products or whatever it is that your business specializes in outside of Albury Wodonga, it’s still highly advantageous to have a website, even if its sole purpose is simply telling everyone what you do, and where you are. I’m sure you already know that first impressions are everything, and for most of us, your web presence is the first impression. Having your website build by a local professional is certainly a right decision.



I Could Sell My Goods Online, But Why Would Anyone Want To?

Selling Products On The Web

Because they can. You may be having a laugh at that, and I’m actually laughing too, because that statement is simple so true, and yet, so odd all at the same time. By having a website and taking advantage of the global marketplace that is the internet, you’re tapping into a customer base that as of last year consisted of nearly 1/3 of the world’s population…that’s over 2 billion people. Even I find it hard to wrap my mind around that figure (sometimes), one which is steadily increasing every day. Plus, just as some bands are hardly ever heard from in their native country, yet wildly popular in somewhere like the Czech Republic, so can a certain product be.

But the only real way to find out just how popular, where that popularity is, and then capitalize on that popularity, is by having a website! Uh oh, I can hear it now. Here it comes. This is where you say, “Oh that sounds great, I’ll just build one of those free ones I see advertised on the TV.” Wait!


That’s Not a Website…That’s a Website!

First of all let me just say how flattered I am that you’ve decided to take the much needed plunge and get your small business a website. But don’t fall into the “create-your-own” trap, because believe me, it’s not worth it and it could cost you more that your time if it goes wrong or looks tacky. Your business reputation is at risk!

If you decide on going the “free” route, take a look at the website and what they offer, and you’ll realize why it’s free. To start, you don’t even own your own domain name, and the tools and resources they make available to create a professional, polished, website are next to nil. Sure their examples look great and that’s because they – designers themselves – made it. I’m pretty confident you’re not a web designer.

Second, let’s say you decide to go ahead and buy domain name and a web host, then use the better tools and resources they provide to build your site. The results I’ve seen when people decide to do this? Complete disaster. Now this isn’t because anybody is “dumb” or anything of the sort! The reason that this method usually winds up in a failed website is because web developing is hard. It’s just like any other trade, I mean I for one wouldn’t know tire iron from a spark plug, which is exactly why when my car needs a service, I take it into the shop as opposed to popping the hood just diving in (ok I did that once, but it wasn’t a good thing, I can tell you).

Going to a professional, local web developer is the key to your website having any amount of success. They not only prevent a potential customer’s first impression of your business from being a bad one, but also go through every detail of your web presence, making sure that your website is accessible, functions properly, and portrays your business in just the manner as you picture it. Plus, they take care of hosting, domain names, storage, security, updates and all of the other tech stuff for a far better value and risk than you going for it on your own, which also allows you the time to focus on what you do best: Running your successful business.


So, now that you understand why your business needs a website contact us and lets have a chat.