WordPress – the weapon of choice

There’s few times we get asked why we chose to use WordPress as our web platform. WordPress started off as purely a blogging platform. It was great for bloggers to use. It has an easy to use interface where the blogger begins to write their content and published it in a click of a button. […]


Why we love WPMU DEV!

About 2 and a half years ago I was made redundant from one of the largest companies in the Albury Wodonga region. China had flexed it’s mussels and IT positions were being transferred off shore. Including mine. I was responsible of managing a Tier4 Data Center, but it was being downgraded to a “Computer Room” […]

Social media marketing

  Have you heard of this Crazy web service called Social Media? Surly you have. At the very least you know of Facebook – right?   Have you or your business a profile on Facebook? With today’s online social media on everyone’s phone, tabletand computer, it has fast become a lifestyle habit. Just like TV […]

Being found on Google?

This is what I implement in most of my projects I do for Albury Wodonga business owners who are serious about their online reputation, strategies, and webpages. It will gain customer trust, improve your sales, introduce a service, and increase your customers satisfaction when your business is found on Google Search. Google Search engine ranking […]