Google Periodic Table Of SEO for 2015

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A business in Albury Wodonga trying to get a website designed and Search Engine Optimised for ranking on the front page of Google needs to know it takes a lot of work and time. Did you ever wonder if there was a secret formula to show what SEO work gets priority over something else?

Introducing the 2015 Periodic Table of SEO by Search Engine Land.
Well not a complete secret, but it’s a handy bit of information to have on hand when we do SEO websites for Albury Wodonga businesses and also for when we build websites for other businesses in the Albury Wodonga area. (<-did you notice what I did there?)


SEO Table List



The SEO periodic table was introduced back in 2011, was updated in 2013, and now a newer updated version released in June 2015. The changes made to the SEO periodic table over the years have been noticeable. However Content has been the major ranking factor. So when considering a website for your business, think about what content needs to go into the website. Think how will the content I put into my website help make Google rank my business website for the search results visitors need to find me.

Content on a website needs to have the keywords that people use in search engines. Content needs to flow naturally when read as a human. What do I mean by this? Don’t write content purely for search engines. Having content on a website that constantly repeats a bunch of keywords isn’t going to do the website any good.

There are other SEO factors that also need to be taken into consideration and this SEO periodic table is a great starting tool.

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